Ayo Kirim Pesanmu ke LEE SEUNG GI (Airen Indonesia Project)

“oppa saranghaee!”

“oppa… WIll you marry meee??”

“oppaaaa… make me yours!”

Mau pesen – pesen kamu yang kayak gitu dibaca Seung Gi (siapa tau dia bales, iyaaa!ㅋㅋㅋ) ???

Gampaaang!!!!! Tinggal tulis pesen ucapan selamat soal untuk 6 tahun debutnya,, semangat untuk drama terbaru dan variety2nya, undangan buat dateng ke INDONESIA, hihi  ato apa aja yang mau kamu sampaikan ke Seung Gi dengan pake bahasa Inggris ato Korea yah (kasian kan klo kita dahh tulis macem2 tau2 oppa gak ngerti,,kkk~) di kotak komentar..

Pesennya ga perlu panjang-panjang, di buat singkat, padat, dan jelas. Kan kesian juga oppa kalo kita suruh baca panjang-panjang. heheh…

nahh, pasti pada bertanya-tanya sebenernya para admin FromAirenIndo ini lagi kesambet apa sih sampe nyuruh kita-kita bikin message buat oppa??

Lagi pada ngelindur kali yaa…?

eittsss… jangan salah, event ini serius lohh! kita bukan sekedar meminta kalian buat nulis message aja, tapi juga akaaan kita sampaikan ke Lee Seung Gi untuk dia baca.

Kalian semua pasti udah pada tau kan kalo beberapa waktu lalu adalah anniversary ke 6th debut Lee Seung Gi, nah dalam rangka untuk memberikan rasa cinta kasih dan dukungan kita yang terdalam buat dia,

FAI memutuskan untuk mengikuti event yang di buat oleh Airen Internasional ini. Selain untuk menunjukkan dukungan kita terhadap LSG, FAI juga bermaksud untuk memperkenalkan ke LSG bahwa AIREN INDONESIA itu ada dan banyaaaak!!

Jadi tunggu apa lagiiii???????????????

Buruan buat kata-kata semenarik mungkinn!!!! Lee Seung Gi harus tau kalau Airen Indonesia juga ada untuk dia!!!!! :)))




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74 Responses to Ayo Kirim Pesanmu ke LEE SEUNG GI (Airen Indonesia Project)

  1. risaHzz says:

    hello- oppa

    hwaiting with you carrer
    hope you’ll have a good day in everyday of your life

    i’m always watch U in 2days1night or 1night2days or illbag ill(sorry if i get wrog with the name)
    keep your variety spirit and always cohesive with the team and with staff in 2d1n
    hwaiting lee seunggi oppa~~ XDDD

  2. fili says:

    Dear Seung Gi,

    Happy 6th Debut Anniversary oppaa!
    wish u all the best for ur career..especially for ur upcoming drama “My Girlfriend is Gumiho” 😀

    When will u comeback as a ballad singer? I miss seeing u on music stage :/

    Anyway, I love everything that u’ve done..as a singer, an actor, and ofcourse a host/MC because u seem did them all with ur sincere heart 🙂

    Oppa, eventhough u have tight schedule, please don’t forget to always eat-well

    Keep shine and smile oppa..Airen are always here for supporting u 🙂 Fighting!

    P.S: When will u visit ur fans here in Indonesia?u have no idea how many Airen here.. 🙂 pls come to Indonesia someday..

  3. anita morin says:

    Happy 6th Debut Anniversary
    Best wishes for your career, I’ll be wait for your new drama “My Girlfriend is Gumiho”
    So when will you come to indonesia?

    Keep smile oppa, we always supporting you

  4. Funny Lestari says:

    Hello Seung gi ssi, annyong…

    Happy 6th anniversary debut 🙂

    May God bless your in everything you do especially in your career as a singer, actor, MC ( 1n2d and strong heart ) and in your upcoming drama ‘My Girlfriend is a Gumiho’. We are looking forward to see your excellent acting.

    Stay healthy and happy. We love your smile and your sincere heart as well. Wish you could be a good cook someday so you could cook something delicious for 1n2d members 🙂

    Finally, it would be great if you could visit Indonesian Airen since you are very famous and likeable here. Keep shining and God bless you oppa ^^

  5. Umaira zoraida syahnas says:

    When will you go to INDONESIA !
    Waktu tau kemaren oppa kaga jadi dateng aku kecewa berat 😦 ! Aku harap oppa secepatnya ke INDONESIA. SARANGHAE OPPA !

  6. amai says:

    dear Lee Seung Gi oppa~~~~~^^,
    HAPPY 6th ANNIVERSARY Debut. I hope your career more shine as actor, singer, MC. I’m so waiting for you acting in new drama “My Girlfriends is Gumiho” and I’m also waiting for you to make a new album again. I really wanted to meet you Seunggi oppa! SARANGHAEYO ♥ ! I will be FOREVER AIREN for you ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

  7. irnala says:

    kyaaaaaaa…salah namanya bukan amai tapi irnala. hhehe..maaf lupa ganti nama samaran.LoL

  8. irnala says:

    dear Lee Seung Gi oppa~~~~~^^,
    HAPPY 6th ANNIVERSARY Debut. I hope your career more shine as actor, singer, MC. I’m so waiting for you acting in new drama “My Girlfriends is Gumiho” and I’m also waiting for you to make a new album again. I really wanted to meet you Seunggi oppa! SARANGHAEYO ♥ ! I will be FOREVER AIREN for you ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

  9. Prasetio says:

    Hi Lee Seung Gi,
    I am Prasetio
    I am one of your new fans and also new to know whether it’s all about you or a line of achievements and awards you have received so far.
    But I’ve really liked the songs you
    particularly in this fourth album, and hopefully in your latest drama “My Girlfriend Is Gumiho” This is how you will get a line of award again in 2010

    and I hope you can come to Indonesia to entertain every fan in Indonesia

    so let’s come to Indonesia
    come …
    come …
    come …

  10. Prasetio says:





  11. ikka kamiran says:

    hello oppa 🙂

    happy 6th anniversary
    may your wishes about your carrier will come true
    hopefulli your new drama will get the first top rank and success
    success for your carrier
    Indonesian Airens are waiting for you to come
    iy will be wonderful if we know you closer 🙂

  12. Steven Ciang says:

    Lee Seung Gi hyung do a world concert please.
    Boleh nulis seperti ini?

  13. Quinsha xaquille nehwall says:

    I just wanna say
    happy 6th anniversary for your debut. Im really like..
    You’re smile its so cute! I will crazy about you.
    please visit my county, indonesia..
    I hope i can see your perfom in indonesia :))

  14. hergita says:

    dear lee seung gi oppa
    HAPPY 6th ANNIVERSARY Debut…chukahaee oppa, hope your carrier will always good ,and I’m so waiting for your new drama “My Girlfriends is Gumiho” ,it’ll good too if you visit indonesia 🙂

  15. kriselia says:

    Happy 6th Anniversary after your 1st debut. We – AIREN INDONESIA – will always support and cheer for you ❤

    Please make a good drama for us kkkkk~ but don't force your body. Stay healthy ^ ^

    You know we love you ❤ ❤ come to Indonesia juseyo ^ ^


  16. tenjo says:

    seunggi ya..

    please visit indonesia…

    there so much noona in indonesia waiting for you lol

  17. helga apriana says:

    oppa chukae on your 6thanniversary debut hope you always success,, hwaiting for your new drama (GUMIHO) an please come to Indonesia :).. 1n2d always cool, do your best always oppa.. i love your voice in Because You’re My woman and Lets Go on a vacation,,your voice little bit rock,, but when you sing ballad song, that”s ggod too< your voise was cool :))
    God bless you, oppa

  18. dini.airen says:

    Annyong oppaa..
    HAPPY 6th ANNIVERSARY debut oppa..Congrats for you..I always pray for ur success and I hope u will be more shining and shining..
    And stay healthy oppa..I don’t wanna look u sick.. 🙂
    Oh ya,,I’m waiting for ur new drama..I can’t wait to watch it..
    Come to Indonesia soon oppa..I’ll always wait u in here..Pleaaasee..
    AIREN in Indonesia wanna meet u soon..

    I’m ur huge fans from Indonesia oppa..And my name is dini..
    I hope u’ll read my message oppa..
    I love u always..Saranghae oppa!! 🙂

  19. jivita basarah says:

    seunggi oppa.
    i’m Jivita ,one of airen from a bunch in indonesia.
    i am a big fan of korean drama, and it hit me when i see you in brilliant legacy, i instantly adores u.

    i fell in love at the first for your acting skill, then i love your profesional-but-still-down to earth personal, i completely adores your beautiful-soft voice, last my admire for u wrapped up for your MC skill and heodang jokes. hehe 😀

    congrats for your 6th anniversary debut, hope you always keep your gorgeous smile,keep up your best in carrer as well in your academics (i love how you still care about your degree), and keep believing that Airen will be with u ‘Until Death’ ! 🙂

    i hope i’ll be seeing you soon,here in Indonesia.we, Airen Indonesia promise you the warmest Hello or even ‘Anyonghaseyo’. don’t hesitate to make a special episodes of 1n2d here in indonesia, *heehee 🙂

    seunggi oppa, SARANGHAEYOO !!

  20. nofi says:

    Annyong Seung gi ssi….

    Happy 6th anniversary debut

    I just wanna say please visit Indonesia…
    I love ur smile, and wanna see your smiling face directly ^^
    Hopefully you’ll always health..take a good rest n keep smiling ^^ HWAITING
    Indonesian AIREN always love u…

  21. dinchan says:

    Seunggi-yaaa.. ~
    I’m your noona.. ^^
    Congrats for your 6th debut anniversary..
    Wish u nothing but better and the best things for your career and life..
    Keep original, humble and stay healthy.

    Ooh.. Let’s learn cook together ! ^^

  22. sha_cha says:

    udah ngirim email ke lsgfan minggu lalu, jadi gak ikutan yang ini… 😦
    semoga sukses buat project kalian! ^_^

  23. badbad says:

    Dear seunggi oppa..

    Happy 6th Debut Anniversary oppaa!
    i love ur smile..
    i love ur voice..
    wish all the best for all ur career oppa..
    as a singer, an actor and of course as a MC/Host..
    give the best oppa..

    when i can see you again as a singer?? i miss to look at you on music stage..

    oppa.. keep spirit, keep smile, and always be happy in your life oppa.. we are AIREN in here always supporting u.. fighting!!!

    P.S: When will u visit ur fans here in Indonesia?u have no idea how many Airen here.. 🙂 pls come to Indonesia someday..


    *klo inggrisnya da yg ngacoo.. mohon diperbaiki.. kekeke*

  24. dieWon says:

    Hey Oppa Lee Seung Gi
    how about ur condition Now?
    I hope u will better by days^^
    Oppa i just give u a massage.
    –>please always still like u now.
    -SeungGi oppa who always friendly with everyone.
    -SeungGi oppa who always make our laugh out.
    -SeungGi oppa who always LOVE ALL AIRENS FOREVER.

    Thats all oppa.
    thank u so much.

  25. melissa says:

    Seunggi oppa, chukhahae on your 6th anniversary debut 🙂
    I wish you keep on being the Seunggi you’ve always been; charming and caring. And i hope you’ll be as healthy and successful as ever 🙂
    Oppa, do you know, you have fans all over the world? Including here in Indonesia. And every one of us are expecting you to come here. My message might not leave any impact on you, but our message, Indonesian Airen, hopefully leave an impact on you 🙂
    Oppa, saranghaeyo ♥
    We all love you 🙂
    Do come here! 😀

  26. Paulina D says:

    Seunggi oppa! Chukkae on you 6th Anniversary 😀
    Just wishing you’ll be better in everything. Ah but you’re already the best! ㅎㅎㅎ
    I was so sad when i hear Kim C was leaving 2D1N 😥 I hope you just won’t!
    Oh, you have to film 2D1N here in Indonesia! So we can meet ㅋㅋㅋ
    Stay humble, dorky, and loveable! 😀
    Fighting! Another next round of your life is coming! ♥

  27. Mich says:

    안녕하세요 이승기씨!

    I’m one of your fans (Airen) from Indonesia.
    I want to wish you “Happy 6th debut anniversary!”
    Wish you all the best in your career as a singer, MC, and actor.
    Good luck for your new drama “내 여자친구는 구미호” (“My Girlfriend is Gumiho”).
    Hope it’ll be a great success !!!
    Really miss to see your acting after “찬란한 유산” (“Brilliant Legacy”).
    I really enjoy watching you on “1박2이” and “강심장” (Strong Heart) too. Never miss watching them every week.

    Do you have any plan to release your new album this year?
    I like to see you in TV as MC and actor but still I want to see you as a singer and perform in music shows too.
    It feels like I haven’t watch you in a music shows for a long time.

    Please take a good care of yourself even though you’re so busy.
    Please eat well, sleep well and have enough rest because we (Airen) don’t want you to get sick.

    Thank you for your hard work and providing us with your songs, your dramas and your variety shows that make us happy. We’ll always support you.

    이승기씨 파이팅 !!! ^^

    Ps. I hope you can come and have a fans meeting or mini concert in Indonesia. You have a lot of fans here. Thank you. ^^


  28. Desty permata sari says:

    Annyeong Oppa.. Chonun Desty imnida.. Iam one of ur bigfans in Indonesia, Ch’oum poepgetsumnida ? Btw.. Chukuhamnida oppa.. Happy 6 anniv for ur debut.. I hope your carrer always good.. And do u know oppa ? If i listen ur song, i always said ” nomu kamkyeokhaeso nunmuri nanda ” haha.. And iam waiting ur new drama my girlfriend is gumiho.. Iam very excited for this drama.. Once again oppa.. I hope you will come to Indonesia as soon as ^^

    gwansimgajyeojusyeoseo gamsahabnida Oppa.. Airen always support you.. Hwaiting !

  29. beneva says:

    Seunggi yaa, annyong…

    Congratulation to your 6th anniversary debut.
    The first time I have know about you was on X-Man, and I think you have quite enough sense of humor and cute.
    After that I’m realize that of my self to looking and searching everything about you. I had been your fan.
    I’m enjoyed watch your drama Shining Inheritance.
    Your skill of acting was increase, and I have proud of you.
    Can’t wait for your next drama or other project.
    I have impressed about your personality. Gentleman, smart and good guy, keep in on your all of life, cause that’s your plus points as a human being.

    Last, if you have a time someday…please to visit to Indonesia.
    Many fans of you was waiting. We are very welcome to you.

    Seunggi yaa….FIGHTING!!!!!

    Love n Peace

  30. dea says:

    annyeong oppa 😀

    how are you? I hope that you’re fine 🙂

    oppa, I just want you reply my message. This is a very short message, because I don’t know what else that I want to tell to you 😀 hahaha :)) would you like to reply me please? I’m really thankful if you want to reply this.

    I hope you see this 🙂 have a nice day oppa, and hope that you’ll have a great career in future 🙂

    annyeong 🙂

  31. ndee_leehan says:

    Seung gi and hyo joo you are couple.. Saranghae seung gi and hyo joo.. Seung gi 1n2d is funny

  32. kikan-chan says:

    Seunggi, annyong…

    Happy to your 6th anniversary debut.
    I’m is one of your fan from Indonesia.
    Everything about you was make me impressed.
    Your activities as singer, actor, MC or host, and the most lovely is your personality.
    Keep in humble as person that’s fact which make in your fans was fallen to you.
    Keep in smile and healthy, don’t push your self to much.
    Please, visit to Indonesia immediately….your fans here was waiting for you.
    Seunggi yaa…saranghae…fighting!

    -Kikan Amarianda-

  33. irsa says:

    annyeonghaseyo oppa .
    happy 6th anniversarry debut !
    i hope your career will more success . and i also hope that you can come to INDONESIA (oppa, do you know where is INDONESIA? where it’s located?) because there are a lot of AIREN here who really love you and want to hear your amazing voice.
    i think that’s all and i’m sorry if there is a fault in my letter .
    i LOVE you and i’m PROUD of YOU !

  34. fanny says:

    wah~ bntar dh g bikin dalam hangul dulu
    rada ragu g seunggi bakal baca yg berbahasa english smua na
    ntar g dm fai ajah ap?

  35. annyeonghasaeyo oppa 🙂 we are Airen from Indonesia. we hope you come to our country, Indonesia. this country have many beautifull place to visit. if you have a concert in Indonesia, please to concert in Surabaya. we want to hear your amazing and nice voice .and we want to see your cute face and last, we want to say “cukahae” or “congratulation” for your 6th career. gamsahabnida oppa.

    from : Rahma Arsyinta and Dara Puspitasari

  36. shabrina says:

    annyeonghaseyo seungGi oppa…
    happy 6th anniversarry debut !

    we are Airen from Indonesia ❤

    i really really hope that you will come to Indonesia soon and if you come to Indonesia please stay at Borobudur Hotel..
    and i like to recommend anice place if you want to filimng 1박2이 here are the list Jakarta monumen national, Bali the paradise place for tourist,and Bunaken (a nice place for diving)

    we always wait for you,until you come to Indonesia..it dosen't matter if 10 years again..i have faith that you will come to Indonesia 🙂

    Saranghaae Oppa

  37. qarla says:

    annyeong haseyo seung-gi oppa ❤
    :X speechless ..
    i just wanna say, i really proud of you
    i love u so much *hug seunggi oppa
    please hug me back hahaha. i could be with you forever.
    keep in smile. you are my spirits when I'm learning. you are my inspiration.
    please came to me, and we marry. will u marry me , oppa ??

  38. Aipelz says:

    승기 오빠, 안녕하세요! ^^
    저는 Eiffel 이에요, 만나서 반갑습니다 오빠! 죄송합니다… 저는 한국말 잘못 해요 ㅠㅠ
    오빠, 축하드립니다!!♥ I’m happy with the 6th year anniversary debut & upcoming drama comeback! 🙂 Wish it’ll be success!
    All the best for oppa!
    1N2D (1박 2일), Strong Heart (강심장), “My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho” drama~ 행운을 빕니다!! 아자 아자 파이팅!!ㅋㅋㅋ

    P.S: 승기 오빠 대박! Take care & always be my smile boy!^^ 사랑해!♥

    ♥Eiffel (Aipelz)♥

  39. Nadia Tambunan says:

    Hi, Seung Gi. I’m Nadia, From Indonesia.

    First, i just wanna say congratulation for your 6th Debut Anniversary. Wow, it’s been a long time. I hope that you will always success in your carrier, and make us proud to be Airen.

    Please, come to Indonesia. We’ll be always waiting for you.

    Good luck.

    We always love you, oppa.

    Nadia 🙂

  40. ulill~~ says:

    Dear Swung Gi Oppa…

    Happy 6th debut anniversary…
    i’m one of a lot of your fans in Indonesia…

    Seung Gi oppa…
    really happy i have an idol like you,,
    i love everything about u, everything u do and the most i love ur personality….kkk~
    Proud to be Airen,,hehe

    Seung Gi oppa…
    Success for all your career as a singer (i hope you have a plan to release your album this year,,kkk~ and comeback to music show, really miss your performance at music show), actor (i love your acting in drama Brilliant Legacy and can’t hardly wait your upcoming drama “My Girlfriend is Gumiho” FIGHTING) and MC (in Strong Heart, the best duo MC with Kang Ho Dong ahjussi). And of course I really happy watch you on 1N2D (i hope 1N2D will be filming in INDONESIA, Indonesia is beatifull~kkk)
    Fighting….We always support u.

    Seung Gi oppa…
    Keep in humble, charming, and you will be crazy busy (please take care ur healty, Airen will be so sad if u sick..TT) and Please come to INDONESIA…u have a a lot fans here…kkk

    with love..

  41. oppie says:

    dear ..

    lee seung gi .. i love you .. i love you .. i love you .. 😀
    lee seung gi .. i love you … i love you … i love you ..

    I LOVE YOU SO MUCH … lee seung gi .. 🙂

  42. liliona says:

    Seunggi oppa chukae for your 6th debut anniversary!!

    hope you more success in your career,we always support you day by day!! nothing can change our love to you..and hope your new drama”my girlfriend is gumiho” can success like your last drama”shining inheritance/brilliant legacy”..oppa FIGHTING!!

    seunggi oppa take care for your healthy and enjoying of life!! I love your smile oppa..it can be make my day..hehe..sorry about that..I mean we[airen]are love your smile..

    God Bless You Seunggi Oppa!!

  43. hanguk says:

    oppa, this is Selina from Indonesia..
    I really admire you since Shining Inheritance drama and falling in love like mad with you after I watch 1n2d..^^

    Oppa, I really hope you will do better in future.. Oh yeah, CONGRATZ for your 6th anniversary!! I will always be here,, support you always..:)

    Saranghae yeongwonhi oppa..^^

  44. syeril says:

    annyeonghaseo seunggi oppa
    happy 6th debut anniversary

    please take care your health although you’re a busy man
    don’t eat a noodle(ramen) too much
    it’s not healthy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    success and wish all the best for you

  45. novia intan says:

    dear seunggi oppa..

    I just wanna say, saranghae oppa.. Pliss come to my country Indonesia! You’ll see many Airen here 🙂 include me hehe
    congratulation, for 6th your carrier i hope you’ll be succes more then.
    And i hopefull you can dating with han hyo joo onnie haha 😀
    saranghae oppa.. Wish u all the best 🙂

  46. Pwimala says:

    Seunggi oppa annyong,

    Happy to your 6th debut anniversary.
    Hi…my name is Philoseva Wimala and I’m is one of your fan from Indonesia.
    Anyway, do you know where is Indonesia? If you don’t, please check your global map, ^-^

    I like your personality. Keep in humble as long as a person.
    You are my inspiration, and I will be your number one supported.
    I learn many good things from you that’s make me to better person.
    Thank you so much from bottom my heart.

    Don’t doubt to visit our beautiful country.
    We are showed you about friendly and uniquely of Indonesian people.
    You and 1N2D are very welcome.

    Take care your health and always smile

    Love n Love
    Philoseva Wimala

  47. aisyah says:

    anyeonghaseyo seunggi opaa..

    chukhahaeyo for your 6th debut..
    good luck for your debut and new drama,,:D
    i’m waiting your new drama ^^

    saranghaeyo,,johahaeyo oppa <3<3

  48. Osi says:

    Seunggi oppa…hug me please ^o^
    Your personality was charming and warming my heart.
    Love you so much, and I’m very proud to be your fan.
    As a idol maybe you have a lot of many love from your fans,
    But please keep in humble and down to earth.
    Oh yeah, happy 6th debut anniversary.
    On your crazy buzzy time, please keep take care your healthy.
    And never forget to visit to Indonesia.
    I’m and Airen Indonesia was waiting for you.

    Airen Indonesia CINTA Lee Seung Gi.

    Dengan Cinta,
    Osi Manika

  49. mokomiki says:

    Annyonghaseyo Seunggi oppa….

    Love you so much…
    Happy to your 6th debut anniversary.
    Can’t wait for your upcoming drama and other projects.
    Please…coming to Indonesia as soon as you can.
    Airen in here was inpatient waiting for you to visit our uniquely country.
    We are can teach you about another side of from Indonesia.
    You are touching in my heart.
    Locking my eyes in to your smile.
    Love to your dimples smile.

    Never forget to Airen Indonesia.
    And Airen Indonesia juga tidak akan melupakan dan meninggalkan Lee Seung Gi.

    Take care your health…always smile….
    Lee Seung Gi fighting!!!

    Amanda Putri Gita

  50. Katja says:

    Seunggi oppa, please sing Hot Potato’s “Confession” for us!!

  51. Tata says:

    Annyonghaseyo Seung Gi ssi,
    Chukahamnida for 6th year anniversary and success for your upcoming Drama.

    I love the way you laugh, so sincerely, you are very nice guy.
    Please don’t loose spirit to grab your future.

    Really hope one day you and Mc Mong, Kim C, Jiwon will collaboration to make song/ album.

    Much love from Indonesia, Seung Gi ssi.

  52. ndee_leehan says:

    Annyong oppa seung gi.. When you are coming to indonesia.. I’m fans BL and 1N2D..Saranghae oppa 🙂

    • Nya Benedict Silalahi says:

      seung gi oppa….

      Airen Indonesia always supporting you, love you, and ou’ll never alone.

      please coming to our beloved country, here we are waiting for your concert!!!

      saranghae oppa!!!!!!

  53. Patty says:

    Annyeong seunggi sshi..
    Happy anniversarry for your 6th year debut..

    Wish u always be a great musician..great actor,great entertainer n being a great people for your around..

    Neomu saranghamida…
    Jebal come to indonesia for meet us,airen indonesia and ilbak ee addict and kang shim jang lovers…


  54. pinky chan says:

    annyonghaseyo oppa….
    Happy 6th Debut Anniversary oppaa!!
    wish u all the best for your career..especially for your upcoming drama “My Girlfriend is Gumiho”
    keep healthy, keep smiling, n keep be uri LEE SEUNG GI…!!!!!
    oppa hwaiting…
    btw…do u wearing the t-shirt from me??LOL….
    love you oppa…hope I can meet you oneday……..

  55. dYoNnie says:

    annyeonghaseo seunggi ,

    congrats for your 6th Debut Anniversary …

    always hwaiting for your new project not only gumiho drama, but your song’s and else…

    we all supporting you..en hope all the best for you ..

    from Airen Indonesia with LoVe …


  56. Gochaa says:

    annyeong nae usang …

    nae ileum-eun GLORIA CHARLOTTE hajiman ilbanjeog-ilagohabnida GOCHA.
    naneun hangug deulamawa nolaeui paen-i jal jinae. Seung gundaelaneun jemog-ui nolae “WHITE LIE” nan hangsang ijeon-e jamjalie deul-eo issgi ttaemun-e mobail jom deo hangug nolaeui nolae!
    wonhaneun bilog han beonman byeongsaleul Seungbogo : (


  57. dwi novi says:

    hi lee seung gi
    how are you???? when you come to indonesia???
    if you go to indonesia with whom han hyo joo and brilliant legacy players

  58. annyeonghaseyo says:

    hi oppa 🙂
    I’m your fans from Indonesia. I just wanna say, hope you still shine over the period. Take care of health so that you can still entertain your other fans. And another thing, we still love you whatever happens.

    saranghae oppa 😉

    – Diah Mandang Sari –

  59. Yola Septika says:

    Hi, Seung Gi. My name is Yola Septika. When you go to Indonesia again? I’d love to meet you. I was so amazed when you were acting in the drama you’ve ever played. My prayers will always be right so you’ll always be successful. And let’s not forget to go to Indonesia! I waited 🙂

  60. stevanny says:

    hi oppa…
    just wanna say that I LOVE you.. (lol)
    i hope you can come to us Airen of Indonesia…
    i really love your songs…
    Im in love with your smile..
    really proud of you!

    -stevanny puti-

  61. Rif_KLSG says:

    인도네시아 또 다른 시간 … 당신이 당신의 존재를 알고 기다려 … 아! 또한 예 진흙으로 재생합니다. 내 집. 내 이름 Rifka, 네 내 편지를 읽었는데 …
    nanun saranghae….

  62. Linda says:

    please, come in indonesian!!!!
    always waiting you…

  63. oppa seung gi c;

    i hope you’ll come to Indonesia as soon as possible

  64. nca says:

    dear my lee seung gi oppa ^^
    the first time i saw you at My Girlfriend is Gumiho, i feel love at first sight with you… i really really really like you..
    i hope you always succes in your life..
    i will support you forever.. keep fight oppa ^^

  65. Lupita Lee says:

    i wait for you… 🙂

  66. Ns says:

    fighting seung gi… every body has chance to make their own life..

  67. habibah says:

    oppa….i can’t wait your next drama…
    just wanna see you

  68. lathifah says:

    Hello oppa Lee Seung Gi. I hope oppa added success in his career and create beautiful works for the airen.
    Oppa sometime to come to Indonesia. I want to meet with oppa lee seung gi. Guaranteed to come to Indonesia oppa, oppa will surely remember that moment in time in Indonesia. Will airen fans, who always supported oppa. FOR SUCCESS, GO. career and education in oppa.
    Sarangheo oppa

  69. oppaa..
    success for you..
    we wait you come to Indonesia, oppaa..

  70. anthysun says:

    oppa i love youuu…..

  71. SaNi says:

    Lee Seung Gi..
    I don’t know who are u.. But, knowing you in the unreality dream, make me be strength..
    imagine of u is like dreams that will not true..
    i don’t know why, looking at you is the great motivation in my life..
    you are a top artist in Korea, and me? i just a little girl who didn’t know what is the real and unreal life..
    hoping you to stand up in front of me, it’s the incredible moment..
    But, sometimes i still do it..
    i think it’s because i’m the one people from million fans for you, but i don’t think so. i have to know “who am i? and who are you?” ..
    Thanks for giving us the great drama.. fighting 🙂

  72. santi adyani says:

    saranghaeoo.. 😀
    I am very fond of acting ooppaa..
    oopaa acting so cool..
    oopaa .. also sound very nice 🙂

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