[INFO] Surat Lee Seung Gi untuk Airen tentang Twitter

yaaayyyyyyyyy hari ini bener2 dikejutkan sama berita bahagia… 😀 😀 😀

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By airen_indonesia at 2010-06-20

yaaappp OUR SEUNGGI has a twitter now!!!! waaaawwww~~~kkkk~

silakan klik “read more” untuk baca surat dr Seunggi & translatenya

ini surat dari Lee Seung Gi tadi pagi di Airen Cafe…

‘내 여자친구는 구미호’ 차.대.웅 트위터 오픈!!

Thank you | 조회 831 | 10.06.20 09:54 http://cafe.daum.net…seungki/9Vri/65

안녕히 주무셨나요??

아침부터 전해드릴 소식이 있어서 몇자 남겨 놓습니다~^^

음.. 드라마 구상 단계에서 부터 생각했던 아이디어였는데

오늘부터 타이틀&티저 촬영이 시작되서 이 글을 남깁니다.

우리나라 드라마에서 있었는지 모르겠는데

극중 배역 차.대.웅으로서 트위터를 오픈했습니다.^^

촬영하는 동안의 이런저런 소소한 이야기들과 현장소식을
우리 드라마 팬분들께 제가 직접 들려드릴 생각입니다.^^ ㅋㅋ

제가 이런거 잘하는 스타일도 아니구 좋아하지 않았던 터라

굉장히 복잡하기도 하구 생소하지만

나름 매력이 있네요..^^ ㅋㅋ

한국팬분들을 비롯한 일본, 중국 등의
팬분들께서도 생생한 현장의 느낌을 바로바로 알 수 있을테니
많이많이 들러주세요^^!!

좋은 드라마 , 즐거운 드라마 같이 만들어 봅시당~~ ㅋㅋㅋ

그리고 이 트위터는 드라마가 막을 내리는 순간까지 운영할 거니까
색다른 매력의 드라마가 될 수 있게 잘부탁드립니다.!!^^*

사용법응 잘몰라서 아직도 헤매고 있는데
주소는 chadaewoong입니다!!^^*

“내여자친구는 구미호”대박을 향해 화이팅~~^^!!

sumber: leeseungki.com

June 20, 2010, Message from Seunggi left at LSG Airen Fan Cafe
(English translation: LSGfan.wordpress.com)

“My Girlfriend is a Gumiho” Cha.Dae.Woong twitter open!!
───── From Seunggi

Did you all sleep well?? Because I wanted to share some news with you, I’m leaving a short message this morning~^^

Hm… this was an idea I had been thinking about since the intial planning stages of the drama. Since we start filming the title and teaser today, I’m leaving a message.

I don’t know if someone’s done this with a drama in our country, but I’ve opened a twitter in the role of Cha Dae Woong.^^ I am thinking of personally sharing news about stuff going on during filming with fans of our drama.^^ ㅋㅋ

Because it’s not my style to be very good at this type of thing or to have liked this type of thing, and even though it’s very complicated and unfamiliar to me, there is a charm to this..^^ ㅋㅋ

In addition to Korean fans, Japanese and Chinese fans will be able to get info about behind-the-scenes stuff so please many of you follow along^^!!

Together, let’s try making a good drama, a joyful drama~~ ㅋㅋㅋ

Also, I will be using this twitter until the end of the drama, and put into your care that this drama portray a totally new and different aspect.!!^^*

I’m not sure how to use this and I’m still figuring it out,
but the address is chadaewoong!!^^*

“My Girlfriend is a Gumiho” Daebak Hwaiting ~~^^!!

hmmm kyknya Seung Gi buat twitter buat update soal dramanya dan semoga Seung Gi ketagihan yaapp pake twitter,,,ayoo AIRENs support Seung Gi supaya Seung Gi terus aktif di twitter walaupun dramanya dah selesai…

Hari ini Seung Gi baru 2 kali update twitternya..
첫 오픈!차.대.웅 트위터입니다^^ 이곳에서 “내여자친구는 구미호”를 사랑해주실 패밀리와 만날것입니다! 국적관계없이 모두오케이~^^잘부탁드립니다! ょろしくね.Good Luck^^* http://yfrog.com/1rqddj

Based on Chinese Translations LEESEUNGKI.COM
The first one is basically telling everyone that the twitter is now open and asking all the MGIG fans, regardless of their nationality :P, to show some love. 😀 Attached was the picture of his script.

woww Seung Gi upload foto script dramanya…


방금 엠씨몽 형님에 트윗강의듣고!ㅋ왜이게중독되는지는 알것같음 ㅋ배고픈데 점심을언제쯤먹을수있을지..ㅋ여러분은 점심맛있게챙겨드세요~~^^ 아!이트위터운영에 우리의 부감독님께서 급관심보이심 ㅋ!
about 1 hour ago via Twitter for iPhone

Based on Chinese Translations LEESEUNGKI.COM
I just got a lesson on twitter from Mong Hyung. ㅋ Now I think I know why it can be addictive. ㅋ I’m so hungry, don’t know when I’ll get to eat lunch. ㅋ Everyone please enjoy your lunch~~ ^^ Ah, our assistant PD also seems to be interested in twitter! ㅋ

hahaha tampaknya Seung Gi blom ngerti2 banget sama twitter, ayo AIRENs follow rame2 yah..
jangan lupa kenalin INDONESIA…kkk~
SEKALI LAGI Seung Gi bilang cuma update dan aktif sampe dramanya selesai…hikss..
tapi mari berdoa bersama supaya Seung Gi ketagihan yah..kkk~


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7 Responses to [INFO] Surat Lee Seung Gi untuk Airen tentang Twitter

  1. yennie says:

    yg mana sich alamat twit nya seung Gi?

  2. Rif_KLSG says:

    Hiks… tapi kugh sekarang udah di hapus siihh…. hiks hiks.. :”(

  3. Repta Anita says:

    apa sich alamat lee seung gi oppa?
    please jwb y

  4. Lia airen lsg says:

    Lee seung gi.pakai twit y dong.biar airen indonesia makin dket sma oppa. 🙂

  5. Twitnya kok belum sampai Kak

  6. maya arisandi says:

    saranghee oppa . lee seung gi oppa saranghe. SARANGHE

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