Let’s Make a “#happy25seunggi” Party on Twitter!!!

In order to celebrate Lee Seung Gi’s birthday, we would like to invite all AIRENS to participate in making #happy25seunggi become a worldwide trending topic.

This project will be started on 12th January AND 13th January, and be lasted from 10.00pm – 12.00 am KST OR 20.00 pm – 22.00 pm WIB. (note: the time is the same for both days)

Some of you might be wondering “what the hell on earth is TRENDING TOPIC anyway??” OK, let me tell you a lil bit about this Trending Topic thingy.

What is Trending Topic (TT)?

Trending topic on twitter is a real time search ranking on naver or nate.

How to make it happen?

In order to make a successful Trending Topic, the project must be done by as many people as possible to tweeting #happy25seunggi at the same time. It will help greatly if one person can tweet the topic for many times, but the most important thing is the number of people tweeting. So, it would be very helpful if all AIRENS can get involved in this project ^_^ .

General guidelines about tweeting that you MUST follow:

1. DO NOT SPAM! Your tweet should not (I repeat, SHOULD NOT) look like this: #happy25seunggi#happy25seunggi#happy25seunggi. This kind of twitting is considered to be a spam and will not be counted as topic (plus it’s annoying!).

2. DO NOT DO IT BEFORE THE DESIGNATED TIME The way trending topics work is for a mass amount of people to tweet the same hash-tag at the same time. If you start doing it earlier than the designated time (which is 10.00pm KST)… it’ll be pointless and it will not make trending topics!

3. IT ISN’T THE NUMBER OF TWEETS, BUT THE NUMBER OF PEOPLE TWEETING. The more people doing this, the more successful it will be! You might want to force/ask/ even begging your friend, followers, etc to type #happy25seunggi ONCE per tweet! (Don’t forget to say Thanks when they did)

4. UNLOCK YOUR ACCOUNT DURING TRENDING! It will not show up in trending topics if your account is set to private! Just unlock it for the time being and as soon as you are done tweeting for the day/night, you can reset it to private.

5. DO NOT PLACE LONE # (HASHTAGS) It won’t be counted either! Add some sentences inside your tweet. these are the examples:

example of good tweet  : Happy Birthday Lee Seung Gi #happy25seunggi example of bad tweet    : #happy25seunggi

(source: kpoptrendingnow + KoreanPopAddict + oneTVXQforum)

In sum:

1.  It should only be used once in each tweet.

2. It should not be the only message in the tweet. For example:

OK                : #happy25seunggi Lee SeungGi, fighting!

NOT OK     : #happy25seunggi

NOT OK     : #happy25seunggi#happy25seunggi

Do you guys still remember our last year twitter trending topic project I ♥ Lee Seung Gi had been done successfully? This was a very happy moment for AIRENS. So, we must be very happy if that moment can be repeated this time.

However, we must remember that twitter has new rules about trending topic which makes it pretty hard to put a word or phrase on trending topic list. So please don’t be sad or get mad if our trending topic plan is not working successfully ^_^. At least we have fun tweeting around like crazy, get to know each other via twitter (I bet there’s a bunch of AIREN on twitterland ^^), and show some support for our beloved Lee Seung Gi!

(PS: many thanks to tryp96 for helping out ^^)

——-Let’s Have a “#happy25seunggi” Party on Twitter!!! :D——-


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One Response to Let’s Make a “#happy25seunggi” Party on Twitter!!!

  1. kali yang paling tua sy deh disini…sy suka banget m seung gi sejak ketauan dy nyanyiin white lie…best message to him…happy birthday..smg seung gi senantiasa sehat dan panjang umur!spy qt semua bisa liat dy tetap exist dengan multi talenta yang ia punya…

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